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How to Grow VIBE® Ignition Purple

Long-blooming VIBE® Ignition Purple is dense with vibrant, deep purple blossoms. This petite sage thrives in variable growing conditions across the U.S. It is a member of the colorful, tough, easy-care Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii) and Mountain Sage (S. microphylla) Group. VIBE® Ignition Purple isn't fussy about soil type, but prefers it to be loose and well-drained. It is adaptable from dry to humid conditions, demands little watering, tolerates heat, loves full sun (but enjoys a bit of shade) and blooms best when fertilizer is limited. VIBE® Ignition Purple looks like garden royalty but doesn't require pampering. Here are details for growing it in your garden and containers.

Sun & Heat Exposure

The Salvia genus is huge. It contains more than 900 species worldwide with varying needs for sun and shade. VIBE® Ignition Purple is closely related to the Jame Sages (Salvia x Jamensis spp.). It is a full sun plant (6 hours or more a day) that appreciates some shade in warm climates when heat becomes intense. In-ground, a location that combines morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal for it. Deck, entryway, and patio locations are great for container growing of VIBE® Ignition Purple.

Soil Quality

Similar to most Salvias, VIBE® Ignition Purple needs soil with good drainage. It appreciates moisture but not soggy roots and is one of the most humidity-tolerant sages related to the Autumn and Mountain Sage Group. VIBE Salvias grow best without lots of fertilizer, which can inhibit flowering and cause lax growth of foliage.

Water Needs

Some Southwestern Salvias are so drought tolerant that they do best with little to no supplemental watering. Others, such as the VIBE Salvias, resist drought but appreciate average watering based on local conditions. If you live where it rains more than once a week, VIBE® Ignition Purple probably won't need supplemental watering. However, in drier areas, it thrives on about 1 inch a week, especially if it is hot.

Fertilizer Use

Some Salvias prefer soils rich with fertilizer as well as compost. However, VIBE® Ignition Purple prefers soil lower in nitrogen and amended with organic matter, such as compost, for better oxygenation and growth of roots. Compost makes soil more porous while also contributing a wide variety of nutrients. When organizing flowerbeds, it's wise to group plants according to their basic needs. That includes placing low water, low fertilizer plants together.

Pruning & Trimming

Perennial sages have soft stems and foliage that die to ground in winter, so they require no pruning. However, VIBE Salvias are subshrub sages, which combine woodiness with soft, herbaceous growth. They should be pruned to a few inches above ground in spring after threat of frost passes. Don't prune sages in summer or fall, because that can cause water to fill their characteristically hollow stems. This can break branches if the water freezes. On the other hand, summer and fall are good times for light trimming of flower spikes to tidy sages and encourage another round of bloom. This is called "deadheading."

Winter Care

In warm climates, many Salvias bloom in winter. However, that is when VIBE® Ignition Purple rests until the next growing season. Unless an unusual cold snap occurs, it tolerates winter temperatures in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone 7 or warmer. That means its roots will survive temperatures as low as 0 degrees F. The woody bases of the plant's branches may be visible above ground during winter. You can expect VIBE Salvias to send up new growth in spring unless you live in an area with colder winter temperatures where you can grow them as annuals.

Container Growing

Container gardening works beautifully for many sages, including VIBE Salvias. Pots offer portability, which helps when sun exposure or weather conditions change significantly. For example, as a mellow spring becomes a hot summer, containers can be rearranged to take advantage of shade and conserve moisture. Potted plants, in general, need more water than in-ground plantings. However, a container garden oasis in an otherwise dry backyard limits the amount of soil that needs watering. VIBE® Ignition Purple is a perfect size for single or mixed plantings in containers. Although drought tolerant, it needs more watering when planted in a pot. Select a loose, soilless potting mix to maximize aeration and drainage.

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